Dante Street
by Ignatius Graffeo

Lost amid signs suggesting many paths--
A message seeks to penetrate my thoughts,
Bold printed words impose their claims straight off.
Such satisfaction must come at a price!
This voice I hear inside no less gives sight,
Sheds light on dark ideas, a simple prayer.

Those stainless-crafted words follow steel tracks---
Time's urgent signals scattered in white noise.
The moon knows what I seek beneath this street.
Starry places that never see the sun,
Sanctuary, where shadows edit light.
I trace their shapes in tongues that bare the soul.

The subway makes each stop on Dante Street
Poets who pay the fare all ride for free!

c.1996, 2011

eBook Poetry Collection

Dante Street

A collection of inspired poems recounting the author's insights and reflections
on love, sex and politics while traveling on the New York City subway.

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